Food Services

Food Services & Contract Manufacturing – Food Services

WFFL Foodservices currently supply quality products ranging from Beverages, Dessert Mixes, Condiments and Flavouring Syrups to the foodservices trade.  Part of the service we provide is customising our solutions to each agent/client, adding value to our service and ensuring success on all levels.

For importers/distributors of HORECA trade, WFFL conveniently serves as a one-stop procurement of a complete range of products:

Souring Agents (vinegars, lemon juice, lemon seasoning)

Sauces (tomato ketchup, BBQ sauce & Salsa)

Flavouring Syrups for Mixers (Lime Juice Cordial, Fruit Cordial, Rose Syrup, Grenadine Syrup, Mint Syrup)

Syrups for Hot Beverages  (vanilla, caramel, hazel nut etc.)

Other Flavouring Syrups (Pancake Syrup, Chocolate Sauce)

Dessert Powder Mixes (jelly, custard powder, crème caramel)

Instant Flavoured Drink Powders